Other El Guapo Releases

El Guapo released two records with Dischord, Fake French (2003) and super/system (2002). El Guapo also had a track on the Radio CPR benefit compilation. You can read about these records and order them directly from Dischord here, or order them from Mud Memory here. The records look like this:

El Guapo

El Guapo
Fake French

Various Artists
Begin Live Transmission CPR Compilation


Before working with Dischord, El Guapo released two records with now-defunct Resin Records -- The Phenomenon of Renewal (1998) and The Burden of History (1997). The band also appeared on a Resin split 7" with the Better Automatic, the Impossible Five, and Jen Hitt (1996 -- out of print) and the Ft. Reno Benefit Compilation (1997?). These records are available through Dischord here or through Mud Memory here.


While working with Resin, El Guapo released an eponymous four-song 7" (1996) with the now-defunct label Red Skies at Night. Copies remain available here.